Saturday, December 20, 2008

Itching to get started!

My husband just showed me a what his inflation raise will be. He will go from making around 76,600 to 78,800. So I can't wait to get into the new year and not have cell phones and a lower cable bill and see what are exact debts are and find out what our snowball will be! We have really been tweaking over the past 3 months what are spending needs are and we finally feel we have that comfortably down.

I am sure most first time budgets need tweaking and adjusting. I first thought we could make it on $100 a week for food, but that simply did not work. For one thing, my youngest is in diapers and suffers from severe milk allergies. Therefore, we spend around $30.00 alone on his diapers, rice milk and vegan cheese.

When I first tried sticking to the $100 budget I kept failing and felt really bad about it. Then I finally realized I wasn't failing, rather the budget wasn't big enough. So I raised it and have been able to be a little under even! What a great feeling to find the right comfort level.

I will post later when we do our budgets on all the exacts. But I am just excited to get into the new year with that amount comfortably in place so we can no longer stress about meeting those budget requirements.

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