Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stay out of stores and save some dough!

I have read many tips saying that if you simply stay home you save. I have to agree with this.

We are still staying within our budgeted money, but I started out on Monday with $250 in cash in my pocket and I am down to $98 and I have 12 days to go with this budget for our food.

I actually think I can do it. I bought a great deal of meat that was on sale and some staples for our pantry. I make menus and I generally stick to them quite well. I will likely need to buy more milk, bread, cheese.

However, I made the suggestion that we hit Ollies a discount store next to the food store. We walked out with 2 books, 3 small toys (a water gun my husband thought was cool, a truck that as you push draws with sidewalk chalk attached, a special nightlight for our 6 year old) The books are educational ones for our homeschooling. All in all I spent $23.00. I would have bought none of that had I not been in the store at all. Just shows that staying out of stores will save ya some dough! I am thinking of recording my no spend days, but honestly being a stay at home mom means I have a lot of those.

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