Saturday, January 31, 2009


I know this story will seem minor, but to me it screams "Breakthrough!" in our changing our lifestyle.

Our roads are quite nasty right now. The local schools have been closed all week. So you know the roads are bad, however my pantry was really low on just about everything a family of 6 could need. My husband is quite protective and was concerned about me going out alone in it to get the groceries. So we piled the kids in the van and drove to Aldi's.

I love Aldi's. It is the best grocery store as far as getting the best bang for your buck. Anytime I go there I always save a ton.

Back to the breakthrough! My husband sat in the car with the kids watching a dvd while I ran in to get our goods. As I strolled the aisle I noticed they had some awesome bathroom faucets in brushed nickle finish for 34.99. If you have not priced faucets lately then you will know that is a heck of a price. We remodeled last year one bathroom and would like to do a small face lift to our second one. The most expensive part in our bathroom face lift will be replacing our faucet. The one we have is quite nasty. We already replaced the shower one. We also need a new mirror, light fixture above the sink, and new paint job.

Anyway, I was really stoked to see such a great deal on a faucet in the right finish (I don't care about high quality). In about 3-5 years this bathroom will need a complete overhaul---tile torn down and tub busted out, new vanity etc. So I don't need a long life span for this faucet. We just want to make our bathroom look a little more presentable for 3-5 years. So I phoned my husband cell phone and asked him if he thought I should buy it.

This is where the breakthrough occurred. He paused and said "No, I think we need to let this go....we didn't budget for it."

I nearly choked. In the old days he would of been saying....yeah get it. We have cash for it. We could buy it and not have to slap it on our credit card. But he is absolutely right....we did not budget for it.

As I hung up the phone, a smile crossed my face. It is so nice to have a husband who is on board with me in this strong desire to be debt free!


  1. It sounds like you are both going in the same direction. That sure makes things easier!

  2. that is fantastic! what an amazing feeling to have dh onboard with you --- that is so important!!!