Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing much to report.

So far so good. I did go over my food budget, which I have not done for the past three months. But this week was an exception since we had some major food allergies to deal with. Basically our son can have very little processed food. Nothing containing Milk, Soy, or Corn. So I will now focus on purchasing more fresh fruits and vegetables and cooking supplies. His bread will need to be homemade and most of our sauces like spaghetti sauce and apple sauce will need to come from scratch. Most store bought canned items contain corn syrup or soy products to maintain flavoring and freshness.

We were already contemplating a I was excited to see this post by Oh My Aching debts on ordering seed catalogs. Since we homeschool, we feel growing from seeds will be a neat project anyway. We plan to put our boys to work in the designing and building of the raised planter beds this spring.

Monday is I will be putting up our two week budget and show what debts we will be attacking. I am hoping to be able to get our EF to 500 and pay off our Khols credit card bill of $200. Then we will be on to our second credit card, which is around 4,000. We should have it gone with our tax refund. After that is when the fun will begin! Getting rid of either one car payment or my student loan. So come back and check out the budget!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your son's allergies. How are the new recipes going?