Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Week Budget

Here Goes!

Salary--minus our autopay of our house and two car payments= $1165

Household budgeted expenses:
Wife $ for food and spend money=$300
Husband $ food/gas for his car and spend money $200
Kids Allowances= $50.00
Gift for neice baby shower= $25.00
Van Gas- $50.00
Total Houshold expenses for this two week period= 625.00

Electric Bill= $110
Parking for husband at work= $35.00 (this is a must)
Auto Insurance= $103.00
Vonage phone bill= $29
Misc. Medical bill= $15
Cell phone=====THIS IS GONE! It was around $85 a month! Our contract ended this month....we are going go phone method and using our spend money to buy our cards. We plan to get simple $25.00 ones for right now....eventually we plan to buy the $100 cards that have exp. dates of 1 year. We don't really use them much except to call one another.
Total Bills= $292Total of all expenses/bills= 917

Money left to snowball= $248
We sent payment of $160 to the credit card and the rest went to our savings.
Our Credit Card debt is now at $4700
Our EF is at $470

Our credit card debt looks like it went up, but when I wrote my New Years Goals I was looking at our December statements. We did use the card this year for Christmas. Of course, we did what most people do and spent more than we planned too. But oh well, I am not going to get too upset over it. The point is we do not intend to use it again at all. We tend to pay it off with tax money and then to get our EF up to $2000. Once the ef is up to $2000 we plan to cut it up. I love the idea of making a plastectomy Video! But until the ef is up I feel better having it in case an emergency does hit. Or as some say, in case murphy stops by.

You may notice the amount my husband gets is up. The last billing he only took $100 but feels more comfotable with $200. He takes out $100 a week and uses it for his gas/food and simple blow money. This week he intends to spend some money replacing some needed parts on our printer. He is really good about putting our needs first. He wanted to kick the khols card out with the last paycheck, so he took out less. But we both feel better about him having it at $100 a week.

I will try an update my bars to the right this week. Be sure and check back!

UPDATE! You may notice I removed the ticker thing....I could not get it to work and gave up with it. I have decided just use this pie chart intstead. Pehaps after we get our tax refund I will get a little more detailed with the debt repayment. Right now this seems easier. I don't know how some people keeps these updated when they have a lot to plug in each month! I am all about to me this is simple! Please cheer us on!


  1. You are working the plan! Keep it up!

  2. good for you - it is all about what works for you as a family! :)