Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yard Sale Prep!

What do you do on a night of near freezing temps? You start to prepare for your yard sale this summer. Right??

Well I am! I have a corner in my basement that is dedicated to my annual yard sale. Whenever we find something that we are no longer using, have outgrown, don't like or care for....we toss it in the yard sale corner. I keep large boxes and when one becomes full, I tape her up and mark "yard sale" on the side.

This keeps clutter to a minimum in the house and will also help in debt elimination this coming spring. When we have our annual block yard sale.
More to come on that at later post!

Tonight my husband and 2nd son are at a pinewood derby event. We had a large pot roast for dinner yesterday, so today's dinner is warm ups. At the pinewood event they are serving hot dogs.

Since I did not have to trash the kitchen making dinner I thought I would trash it cleaning out my cabinets. I have only cleaned out about 7 so far and I already have a nice pile to head to the "yard sale" corner.

So if you are stuck in the house, make your time profitable as well as useful by seeing what you can sell!


  1. What planning ahead! I'm impressed with your organization.

  2. I'm torn on the yard sale thing...we've had a few in the past and while I did like the cash, I was never really quite sure it was worth the effort. (as opposed to say donating old items and using them as a tax deduction)...I wonder what the threshold is for when it's definitely worth it?

  3. My mother in law is our accountant. IN the past we donated, but according to her the max was 200 that we could claim. I make more than that on my yard sales. But also, I do not do them just for the money. I honestly dont charge a lot if anything. I just love decluttering my house and I hate to keep anything I don't find I am using So for me it is a cleansing thing. There are also plenty of times we are simply hauling stuff to goodwill.