Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last two week Budget update!

So here is the update on what happend with the last paycheck.

Last budget recap
My budget was 300--I actually only spent 237! Unfortunately, I did not take the cash out of the bank and therefore my husband says it is gone Not unaccounted for just not available to go back into my pocket. I will explain what it went to in a minute. But still I was proud to be so under even if I don't get the extra cash in my hand.

My husband was over but only by about $5.00

We were under on our gas expenses too. We spent $37--budgeted $100

Here is where some of our money ended up going that we did not budget for--but we are not under so I feel good. We were invited suddenly by the grandparents to go to an indoor waterpark. They paid for the room and park admission. They also borrowed a huge 15 passenger van and therefore paid for the gas too. They refused to take anything from us. We tried to pay for their dinner at the resteraunt and they refused to accept it. So we only had to pay for our food on this trip. The kids only had their allowance money to spend so we had no need to dole out money to them. Now understand the food there was expensive. We did pack a cooler filled with breakfast items and snack foods. It is a long story to explain the room situation. Basically we were there at 12:00, but did not get our room until after 5:00. So we spent the afternoon in the waterpark and ate in the waterpark--as opposed to going out in the snow to eat out of cooler in the van. But still our total mini vacation came to about $106.00. This included a dinner at Ryans for 6, lunch in the park, and a swim outfit for our youngest. We brought a handmedown suit that turned out way too big and uncomfortable for him. It had a built in life vest. So we bought him a two piece swim suit--shirt and shorts to keep his little body warmer than just trunks.

I think the reason this did not set us back is for 2 reasons. We always leave a $50 cushion amount in our checking account..so couple that with me being underbudget on my area and gas we were able to swallow this amount without pulling money out of savings. Which is our goal..to spend no more than 650 every two weeks on family needs and expenses. So even though this was not "budget" for...we did stay within our budget parameters!

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