Thursday, February 12, 2009

Power Outage

Last night we were hit with a ferocious storm. It wiped out electricity in most of my town. Having no lights made for an interesting night for a family with 4 boys! They loved lighting all the candles and having their flashlights in hand. The excitement started to wear off after about an hour.

I suggested we work on their school work so they could enjoy the the next day without any....they were all for that! So we sat up reading our history and science lessons. The boys worked on their copywork, spelling words, and creative writing.

One good thing was that I had our dinner nearly cooked right before the lights went out. Well, it least the main dish was done....we had meatloaf and applesauce. It least we did not have to run out somewhere to eat! Not sure that would have worked anyway, since most places were in the dark just like us!

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