Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walking tall!

Sorry I have not posted much, but honestly I have not had anything new to tell ya! I must say since we paid our cards off it feels SOOOOO GOOD to be credit card debt free! We have been living out of our pantry this week. I feel more and more determined to keep up my tight hold on our spending now more than ever! Paying stuff down is motivating. We have just stayed put most of the week. We also worked a little on our bathroom, but this was projects that we had budgeted for and/or already had on hand. Just chillin around the house, homeschooling the boys, and staying out of the stores!

Oh, have you heard of the lady who has set a goal of spending no more than 1500 for the year on her groceries/toiletries. That is one tall order, but cool to watch her try!

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  1. here's another good one

    Good for you - I am glad that you are doing well & staying steady! So are you ahead of your game of being debt free by spring of 2010? I am so excited to see how you pay $30k off by then! that will be amazing! I have been pondering that for some time now... how the heck do people pay off $25k in debt off in a year... finally, I get to watch someone in action!!! That is going to be a huge inspiration to me! Glad I found you :)