Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting the itch!

Oooh, it is starting to itch! The weather is warming up and tax money is savings account is growing, my credit card debt is gone and now all I want to do is spend! When the warm air hits all I can think about are household upgrades!

Lets build our patio, lets finish those rooms in the basement, lets finish the trim here and there. Ooooh it's terrible for me. I feel so bombarded by beautiful ideas for our home and I just want to do them all! Especially as the temps go up!

Does anyone else feel this "spring fever"?

If you were to look back over our past history in quicken you can see that every tax season we pay off our credit card debt then we swear we won't rack them up again, yet spring comes and remodeling ideas strike! The credit cards get charged up all over again.

I so want to stop this from happening this year! I need to stop this from happening. I told my husband to no listen to me one BIT! Because he is the most awesome and sweetest husband in the world. All I have to do is say "Let's build this, or do that." He will so desire to please me that he will do it! We have pinky sworn to one another though that this year will be different! I just need him to turn a deaf ear to me and my ideas and to stick to his guns too.

This year we will fight temptation and we will not venture down the remodeling path...we will stick to our personal budgets and if projects can't come slowly out of those then they will not happen at all. I just need to get a handle on my remodeling addiction. Help!


  1. LOL! Yes, we started grooming the back yard. We are talking about getting the new shed, putting new plants in the front yard, repaint a couple rooms, put in new carpeting. hahaha! Spring fever has hit. But, for us... it is time to replace the old. So, I don't feel as guilty. But you are right. Every year when the sun warms up the ground... we are out in our shorts planning our next remodel. :)

    Good luck with the pinky swear. But you know... if it will increase the value of your house in the future years... Well, you might not feel so guilty. ;)

    Yes our cc's for HD rack up the same as yours. But we did build a beautiful patio cover that we get a good use out it. Well worth it!

  2. Yes, we are also have Spring Fever. I desperately want to start painting, gardening, and working outside. I figure the gardening will help us with our budget in the long run. I am nominating you for the Triple Award. Please drop by my blog to pick it up.

  3. that is so funny - I was on bassett furniture & they have a 'room designer' where you put the dementions of your room in & you start to just place things differently --- I was doing that last night (cheap & effective way to combat those fevers!) Also - what about just saving a bit & doing something when you have the cash to pay for it? Or even something simple as painting a new room? That is pretty inexpensive & gives the house a new look??? Good luck - I do feel your pain! We have a completely empty room right now that I would love to do a complete makeover in!!!