Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stocking the freezer

I have a personal goal to stick to my budget on food, but also to stock my freezer. I have been creating menus for us that have more left over nights as well as meatless meals---such as grilled cheese/soup dinners. This week I bought a ton of meat. Our extra upright freezer was completely empty!

Right now we have some ground meat, chicken, stick butter, 3 pork roasts and 4 pkgs of cheese....not much I know. But I am really adding to it each week with whatever freezer friendly deals I can find.

I have been inspired by Moneysaving Mom's post to make more freezer meals. One of the ways I blew my budget was eating out at fast food joints. As most of us know---one of the easiest ways to blow one's budget is to eat out too much. It is just so easy to do when we have nothing easy to quickly cook for dinner. I am hoping having some pizza dough in the freezer will help with solving this dilemma I plan to make about 8 frozen balls of pizza dough. We eat about 2 large pizzas for dinner so this would give us 4 nights of pizza. I figure it is just as easy to make 8 batches as it is just one and yet I only have to clean the kitchen up one time.

We eat dinner with the grandparents on Thursday so I am thinking I will make Thursday my baking day. Knowing I don't have to cook dinner will give me a chance to really get busy in the kitchen with stock up meals. I plan to surf and see if I can find some other tasty freezer meals. If you know of any....feel free to share!

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