Sunday, December 13, 2009

Credit Card limits lowerd again!

So disgusted with our Kroger credit card company. My husband thinks I am crazy to let this bug me, but it truly does. I know we don't plan to use our credit cards, but it still is insulting for my limits to be lowered.

Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from Krogers. They lowered our limit from I believe it was close to 6000 to 2700. We currently have a CREDIT of $30.00 with them. My husband accidentally overpaid them. We keep wondering if they will pay us interest?? I am not holding my breath!

This year alone, I have charged around $3000 with our Kroger card. We have paid it off and we have at times paid interest charges. So I was sort of shocked to get this letter lowering my credit. This is the 2nd card, of the 4 we have that has done this to us. It just seems insulting. I also think it lowers our credit score. Which really irritates me cause we are in the middle of a refinance. My husband assures me and so did the mortgage company that our loan is already secured based on when they we applied.

Still this angers me. I mean our tax dollars have bailed out these banks big time yet I still feel us regular good paying customers are the ones being screwed over by them.

My husband keeps saying that I am taking this too personal and the bank holding the card is just punching in numbers and looking at numbers. Then he adds..."Who cares! We are not using this card ever again anyway!"

So, am I alone in this...does it bug you when this happens to you?


  1. I's like a slap in the face whether they are raising rates or lowering credit limits. I'm guessing your refinance loan is safe since they usually pull credit scores the day you submit the loan application. And if you have your mortgage in place and therefore could care less about your credit score, who cares what the stupid credit card companies do anyway?

  2. The credit card companies are desperate and it shows. There are no limits to the depths they will sink to, punishing even their best, least risky customers.