Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cleaning House

I am a minimalist at heart, but honestly having 4 kids makes living as a true minimalist quite difficult. I do strive for this...I am constantly giving things away, having yardsales, and minimizing packaging. So I decided my blog should represent that side of I just the basic minimal one...with an earthy tone. I do like tans and beiges. My house is mostly tan with pops of other favorite color :)

I also plan to update our profile...cause being debt free by spring 2010 is not going to happen. I have not really crunched the numbers, but it is quite possible by spring of 2011. With the exception of the new truck my husband purchased this past to us! My van should be paid for by then, I should be able to pay my student loan off by then with our tax money. Barring no major catostrophes occure and NO REMODELING! Will see! I will definately be credit card debt free this spring....I think the goal will be to not get back into credit card debt..ughhhhh that seems to be the true challenge!


  1. Congrats, even though your plans were slowed a little, it sounds like will still be making a lot of progress. I'd also like to point out that your remaining debts aren't that bad.

    Of course credit card debt is bad, but at least with your cars you have an asset that is worth something, even though it might not be the balance of the loan. In addition, student loan rates are usually pretty good, so it's really not as bad as it could be.

  2. Yeah, that is what many people say...but I just keep thinking of all the money we are sending out to other people...that we could be paying ourselves! Plus, I have 4 boys and one will be in college in 5 short years! Ooohhh I can't even think about that!

  3. keep reminding yourself that you just don't want to get into that debt again - start paying yourself what you would normally pay on a cc & put it into an account, then you could always use it as a prepaid credit card!!!