Friday, January 15, 2010

Dining in is fun to do!

Nothing much to report, we just did our bills and we have no credit payments with this paycheck. They all occur at the end of the month. We just added a little to savings and are striving to stay within our personal spending allotments.

On one good note, I have not ate out any for nearly 2 weeks. We were given $75 in gift cards for Red Lobster for Christmas. However, we decided to splurge it on our whole family as opposed to just my husband and I. January 2nd was a Saturday and we knew we would be starting up school again on the following Monday. So we took the kids out and spent right around $100. I took the over amount out of my allotment of $250 for two weeks. The kids really enjoyed it. It was an awesome night out and they were all perfect gentlemen. I really love it when they behave...especially in public! So I decided to challenge myself and see how long I can stay away from eating out...and so far so good! Of course, being snowed in the last few weeks has helped too!


  1. Hey, just staying on track is good.

  2. being snowed in is definately good on the budget ;) Good job on not eating out! that is great