Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It is great to say that I have started the New Year off with a No Spend Day!

I have seen around bloggy world where people record their spending on their blog. I might give this try. Perhaps walking the aisles of Walmart and knowing I will have to share the splurges I make will make me think twice about splurging! I am sure that is the thinking behind this type of recording.

We got a check for an overpayment to a hospital bill for about $15.00 so I suggested to my husband that we put it in an envelope titled "snowflakes." We could wait until the end of the month and see how many other snowflakes make it to the envelope (things such as overage in our personal spending envelopes, found money, refunds, or online earnings) and send it to our ugly debt. He was fine with this so I guess we are joining the snowflake revolution.

We spent New Years Eve much like we planned, at home with our splurge on pizza, breadsticks and soda! We played a few board games and watched the ball fall! All in all it was a pleasant evening at home and today we enjoyed a nice dinner with the grandparents. We also cleaned out our file cabinets and had a little shredding party....such fun!

Hope you had a nice New Years day and here is toast to a very minimal spending month!


  1. good for you! that is fantastic! snowflakes add up fast!!!! I think I am going to try to go back to snowflaking --- I had an idea last year to put $ into a snowflake envelope, but I never followed though... I thought that when I 'resisted' a purchase, that I should put that amount that I would have spent (or even just $5) into that snowflaking envelope... Maybe I should look into putting that into place?

    Have a wonderful day!