Friday, January 2, 2009

Boxes! Boxes! Everywhere!

If you are like find yourself with a bunch of boxes after the holidays. I have a tip for what you can do with those boxes. Of course, you can recycle them, but I put them to work for me first. Here is how!

I set aside some of them to use for things I sell on ebay. These can make great inexpensive packing boxes. Selling stuff on ebay can be an easy way to add to your snowflake pile.

I use the giant boxes to pack with my yard sale stuff. I have a corner in my basement that is designated as my "yard sale pile." As I occasionally purge various parts of my home...closets, cabinets, junk drawers etc. I find stuff I no longer use, kids have outgrown, or stuff that have simply lost their appeal to me. I take this stuff to my corner of the basement and pack them in the boxes. Come this spring, I will bring the boxes up to our garage and unpack for our annual yard sale.

I detest clutter, so having the items packed away nicely in boxes just makes my basement look nicer while waiting for sale day.

Of course, before I took over the boxes they served as fort barricades for the Nerf War Zone that took place in our playroom. Boys! Gotta love'm!

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