Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loving our coin roller machine!

As I posted yesterday. I am little short for our food budget this week. I explained to my husband how we are nearly out of bread and no sugar. He at first offered me his last $10.00 but I know he will need that so I did not think that would work. Then he suggested I check the coin machine in our bedroom.

We store this machine in the top of our closet. He is really good about dumping his change in there and rolling the coins up. We had a jar next to them that was full of rolled coins. We had about $25.00 worth of coins rolled and a bunch in the machine. He has been saving this money for new tires for his car, but we have agreed that with our tax return this year he will definatly get some new tires.

I am really proud of him for suggesting this money. In the old days he would have said....just go withdraw it! But now we are both on the same page and determined to make our budgets work. Now I feel confident we wont have to touch our accounts this week and we will have a comfortable amount of food in the house too! I will also be more careful when it comes to even thinking of spending more than I know I the 30 I spent on my niece instead of the normal $10 we spend on birthdays.


  1. That's awesome. I love that feeling. For that reason, I keep a few change jars around the house and in my car ashtray. I try to keep large change in the ashtray because I have fished several dollars out of there at times when I needed to pay for parking or something like that.

    But for the small change at home, we just take it to Coinstar at the supermarket. They do take a cut of it - about 10% or so, but we walk out with bills instead of a bucket of change. Which comes in handy when you are down to the bottom of the peanut butter jar!

  2. I've been looking at all the change we have in various piles and thought it's time to get this stuff working for me! I think I'll hit the bank up for coin wrappers and get my 9 year old to help me roll ;-)

  3. good job! that is fantastic! it really helps things when dh is on board, doesn't it?

    have a great weekend!

  4. Hooray for the two of you sticking to your budget! That is awesome. How is Ramsey's working for you? I love it. This snowball thing is kind of cool cuz the money to pay off the debt keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's nice sending off a check for a larger sum or the many weekly checks to PIF a debt.

    Great job stickin' to your guns.

  5. Good job finding the money to finish the month!