Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Probably going to go over our food budget.

Oooh, I am kickng myself. We spent some of our food money last Saturday eating at Burger King. I am down to $1.00 in my envelope. We have only 1 1/2 loaves of bread and no sugar. I am contemplating borrowing from my son as opposed to telling my husband that I need to withdraw. I just don't think we can make it to next monday with no sugar. I could make the bread. We are big time ice tea drinkers with sugar so I don't know how the kids will feel about going without that for the rest of the week. But perhaps this will be a week of doing without?

I take $300 out every two weeks and try my best to stretch it over our needs and wants. This past week, my neice had a birthday. I usually budget $10.00 for birthday gifts, but I did spend a little more on her. She is my only neice and she turned one. I bought her 2 puzzles, a Dr. Seuss Book, some hair bows and some baloons. Total was around $30.00. So I feel that between that and spending money eating out(another $30.00) I blew my budget. With our sons new diet needs I have to buy more expensive food. When you are buying simple ordinary things like applesauce, spaghetti sauce, jelly, etc, and they can not contain high fructose corn are going to pay a pretty penny. I was use to buying the cheap jelly, the cheap sauce and the cheap soups, but no more. But still, despite his new diet needs I really feel that the over spending on the birthday and eating out is what made the difference this week.

So what would you do?? Make do, borrow, hunt the couch cushions, take out from the EF??


  1. I'm down to $2 in my food budget for the next week. I am going to "borrow" just a little, maybe $15 from next month to buy milk, bread, and produce. Next month is only 28 days, so I think it will be ok!

  2. I would 'hunt'! you just may have enough! I would be afraid to get out cash - if you took out $20 just for $2, there is a possibility that you will use the rest even if you really don't want to. Good luck with your decision!