Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our $2.97 date night!

I thought I would brag a little about our past weekend. My husband and I have our birthdays back to back. We are 9 years and 364 days apart! Anyhoo, we were given a great gift at Christmas time. A certificate for free babysitting along with a $50.00 gift card to a favorite seafood restaurant. Earlier this year we were given some free movie tickets. Then on our date night some grandparents dropped by and surprised us with more certificates for the theatre. It was their way of paying for our snacks at the theatre.

So on our date night. My brother-in-law and his wife showed up with pizzas for our kids and shoved us out the door. Well, they did not have to shove us....we practically ran! We went out to eat first, then we ran around to a few stores window shopping. We did go to a book store and I got a book. We used a gift certificate that was given to us plus a 30% off coupon I had at this particular book store. The book was like $4.00. The gift card is a $25.00 one, so we still have some money left one it. then we window shopped some more. It was really cold out and we had another hour before the movie, so we headed through a Tim Hortons drive through and bought hot chocolate---thus our $2.97 price. We went to see the film where we enjoyed popcorn and soda. We made it home close to midnight and gabbed some with the awesome sitters. Our boys always have a blast with Uncle D!

Ohh, it was so nice to have a night out, but even better knowing it cost us virtually nothing!

The best Christmas present ever is free babysitting! Be sure and give that to someone you know next year!

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