Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun time Canceling our Phone Plan

I am sure others have had this experience, but it was a first for us! My husband called AT&T to cancel our cell phone plan. We wanted to keep our numbers and go to go phone method. Our contracts ended last week. If we had canceled prior to that we would have been charged over $200.

So with our contract up he gave them a call. The call lasted for nearly 2 hours! He had to be transferred from person to person. It was really ridiculous. Two different people tried to tell him he could not switch the phone to as we put it "go mode."

My husband was very firm and knew it was possible so he kept demanding to speak to a person higher up. Finally he got someone who knew what they were doing.

After two hours the plan was in place. We had to spend $15.00 for each phone. We plan to deduct it from our personal spending money areas of the budget.

It was very apparent that their true goal was to tell us we could not change and to keep us in their contractual type plans. They tried to woo my husband into another contract as well. The person who knew how to switch us understood why we did not need this plan......we had over 4,000 minutes in our rollover bank!

It may have taken a few hours, but it feels great to no longer have an $80 a month cell phone bill.


  1. Two hours is ridiculous! I think you have AT&T figured out. Good for you and your husband for sticking to your plan!

  2. that is fantastic that you are saving so much!!! congrats!