Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Want an easy way to save some dough! Stay home!

We have been trapped due to the lovely ice/snow storm sweeping across the nation for the past two days. I am running low on diapers! But more snow is on the way this evening. I really need to get to Aldi's if I want to stick to my food budget. Anytime I shop anywhere else my money does not go quite as far. So I really hope I can get there this evening and get the rest we need for this week. Especially diapers!

Are you trapped with this storm?

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  1. Wow - good luck! I'm in Atlanta so fortunately we're having decent weather. I'm going to have to give Aldi's a try, it's a bit further than our Publix, but if I can make that grocery dollar go further, then why not!