Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Personal Spending Update

As you can see in our budget, I get $300 every two weeks and I try and stretch it to cover all our food and any other necessary things we may need. Yesterday I did my shopping for this week and I am happy to report that I have $25.00 left in my pocket. I truly feel I can make it easily to next Monday with that amount.

I did snag some good deals at Krogers. I made 2 trips because with my first trip I realized I forgot my coupons. So with my first visit I spent about $62.00 on things like milk, bread, meats, produce, jelly, and cheese. So I walked out with the buying just the necessities. Then I went back with my coupons later in the day when I had to make another trip somewhere else(we live a very short distance from the store so this was not a big deal.)

I walked out on my second trip with 9 boxes of cereal (honey nut cheerios, trix, and multigrain cheerios), 4 pack toilet paper, 3 Johnson buddie soaps, and 2 containers of baby powder. My price was $12.33!

I have my menu figured out, we are well stocked in veggies/fruits/meats/breads so I feel we are doing much better staying on budget!

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  1. good for you! that is fantastic! I love having $ left over :)