Monday, March 2, 2009

Our family could get bigger.

Strange things have been happening in my family and today was a kicker. My brother called and asked me to watch his 1 year old daughter. His wife has been leaving for weeks and coming home for a day or so then going a-wall again. She has no family that she in contact with and she has left one baby already with an ex-boyfriend. However, my brother is not the best fit for a caring parent either. He has some issues as well.

There is really more to their story than I could share here, but basically there is a good chance they will both not care for their baby and leave her to my mom. However, my mom and I spoke frankly tonight and I can tell she thinks I am a better fit for raising my niece than she is...she loves being a grandma and would like to remain grandma.

Months before my niece was born my husband and I discussed this possibility. We both already had a feeling the parents would not be the kind to stick around. Now that the mother is starting to leave her constantly it is looking more and more like that is a real possibility.

After this week's events it is kind of creepy to know that my husband and I have decided to go forwarded on doing our best to add rooms without adding debt to our home. Sort of like God is preparing us for this very real possiblity. Now more than ever, the need for rooms is beginning to appear. I assured my mom that I would take my niece in a heartbeat if my brother wanted me too. I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope and pray he grows up some and takes care of his daughter, but if he can't I totally will. I am just going to pray that God allows what is best for the baby to happen and for security to come to my niece quickly.

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