Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Invention Idea

We all have heard that using cash forces one to spend less. I totally agree with this....however getting the cash is not always convenient. For us, it means driving a ways to our credit union. If I take cash from an ATM I get hit with fees. Plus, who likes to deal with cash at the gas pump.

The past few weeks I thought I was keeping a good mental track of where I was using my debit. I just went into our quicken and it looks like I am over budget by about 15.00. I really need about $25.00 to make it through the week (milk, bread, meat). So I am really kicking myself for not using cash.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was some gadget much like a calculator that you could keep in your wallet and plug the info in and it and it would stay until you told it to erase the data. My mental calcualtor tends to loose track apparently.

Oh, well. They say you spend more because it is not passing through your hands and this may be true. But I also think that if I could look at some gadget in my wallet that said "You have $25 left in your budget."

Oh wait...they did invent that...I think it is called a pen and pad!! Perhaps I should stick on in my wallet.


  1. There is such a device! http://www.spendtrackerusa.com/



  2. Oooh..that is a cool gadget. I will be showing this to DH tonight. Thanks lowincomelady!