Friday, March 6, 2009

Pay day coming up

Pay day is this coming Monday and I am already working on our dinner menus. The past two weeks was a bust. I went over budget, I failed to use cash, and I did not make out dinner menus. No menus almost always leads to us running out of food. I am blessed that my husband does not mind this happening now and then, but he has encouraged me to strive to stick to it a little better with this next paycheck. I am determined to do it!

I also need to account for some shoe shopping for my ever growing boys. Their feet seem to grow at ridiculous rates! My two oldest boys already wear shoes sizes bigger than mine! My oldest really needs two pairs.....dressier ones and a pair of tennis shoes for playing around in. Since we homeschool, I am sure we will get buy with just buying some off brand tennis shoes. But for their dressier style ones they will likely want world industries. Sometimes I can find those on sale for around 35.00. Our youngest could use a pair as well. So heres to hoping I hit some good sales next week!

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