Monday, October 26, 2009


I really, really, really hate posting this, but this is what people read debt blogs to see! I know you want to see how far off that horse we fell, but I truly do hate posting. Here goes nothing!

Credit Card Debt 2,300.00
Family debt 4,500.00
Student loan 6,653.00
Car 1 10,826.00
Car 2 16,145.00
Total debt: $40,424.00

Savings....a whopping $300.00

I will update my side bars stuff soon.

So you might be wondering what our goals are. Right now we are determined to work on baby step 1 and get our savings up. My husband recently switched to a different department at his job that offers more overtime. So hopefully that will help in building up our savings. We have some things we are trying to sell as well. Other than that we are just socking it away paycheck to paycheck. We really hope we can get to $2000.00 before Christmas. Then we will use some of this for Christmas expenses. Our tax return next year will take care of the debt just like it did last year, and the year before that and the year before you see the cycle???

I wonder if anyone else gets into this cycle...debt, tax return, debt, tax return??

So there you have it. Our ugly mounting debt staring us in the face. There are a few things that are looking up for us....and I will share that in a later post....stay tuned!


  1. definately not bad --- $2300 back on a credit card isn't horrible at all ~ you did it the first time around - u can do it again --- good luck!!!

  2. I've got my pay set up so I pay the IRS about $50 a year in taxes in April. I think that helps not run up CC debt during the year, you have the cash when you need it.