Sunday, October 25, 2009

Were Back :(

Ugh, I hate to say I am back to this blog. But I know posting stuff last year at this time truly helped us to achieve our goal of being debt free with our credit cards. Around May of last spring we finally paid off all our credit cards. We were debt free of credit cards, but not completely debt free. We had about $3000 in our savings account. Then we got stupid again. I got the itch to do some "light" remodeling, my husband said "We should take that small vacation with the family."

We traded in our car and purchased a used truck. This was totally unnecessary and totally a want of my husbands not a need. Our payment stayed the same but the time we will owe is now longer. Our mini home improvement hit snags as they always do. What we thought we be just a few thouseand dollars went way more than that. Our budget for homeschool supplies went over by about $400.

Needless to say, by midsummer our savings was gone and we were using our credit cards on the house project. We decided to add a bedroom in our basement and to finish our basement. Our four boys have been two to a room and the rooms are not big. Our two oldest were constantly fighting. So, yes these technically unnecessary thing put us back in debt. But honestly the peace of having those two in their own bedrooms has been worth every penny!

Then we added a deck onto our house...another $2000 project that was not truly necessary.

Then murphy showed up. Our airconditioning unit (which was only one month beyond it's warranty) had a bad part that cost nearly $1000 to fix. Our dishwasher then broke. That was another $500 down the drain.

Ok, we fell. We fell off the horse big time! But I feel the need to get back on the horse and show the world we can do this. I need to show myself we can do this.

Please join in motivating us :)


  1. I don't won't to say I am glad to see you back .. because your in debt .. but yes! to recognizing the situation and getting back on the horse!!

  2. Welcome back - good luck - you still have us to support you! I am curiuos, what was your total that you had to put back on during those months?

    Baby Steps - that is how you did it the first time...

  3. that info is coming on the next post..scheduled today!