Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scary Mail

Kind of disgusted today. Opened our scary mail to discover our new Visa card from our Credit Union. They mailed us a letter about a month ago saying that our credit union card was switching over from a MasterCard to a Visa and our interest rate was going up from 13.99 to 14.99.

Did we do something wrong? Have we ever gone over our limit? Have we ever made a late payment? NO, NO and NO! So why do they do this...ugh it frustrates me that our government gave these gut sucking companies extra time before the new credit card laws take effect. I knew when they handed out that 6 month grace period these companies would screw everyone over that they could. Are they picking on the people who screw them over? No, they pick on their good customers. The ones who actually make their payments and make them on time. I mean come on! I have heard all the news of the new fees coming our way. You know, the ridiculous ones..such as fees for not using your cards. My husband said this will be our last card. The fees are becoming to scary to keep track of. We are determined that we will be paying it off and building our savings to a decent amount like $10,000. Then cut the puppy up.

I am tempted to apply for a introductory 0% card. Just to transfer this over. Do you think that would be worth it?

P.S. Happy Halloween...we are trick or treating in costumes from our money spent on this holiday...except for a bag of candy for the treaters. Hope yours is spoookilish!


  1. That sucks - we have gotten a few changes in our aprs --- one went up 3% & another went up from 14% to 29.99%! Seriously?!?!?! I called and told them that I do not accept the terms and will now just pay them off by the old terms... my FICO is the least of my concerns right now, you know? Good Luck!

  2. I did not know you could do that? Interesting!

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