Friday, November 6, 2009

The simple things add up

As a simple homemaker and homeschooling mom to 4 boys, I am limited on what I can do to help us pay off our debts. It is not feasible for me to work a job outside the home when my husband can snatch overtime and make 10 times what I would make working. But still their are ways as a wife I can contribute. The most beneifical way I have found to help the family budget is in the kitchen. This week I worked extra hard at making the most of our food budget. I stocked our freezer by doing a baking day this past Tuesday.

I managed to make 3 casserole dishes, southwestern rollups, 5 batches of pizza dough, and 2 pkgs of cookie dough. I try to spend 2, 3 days a month doing intensive cooking. This not only saves me time and energy in the saves us a bundle of money too! I am not as tempted to eat out when I know coming home from church that southwestern rollups or pizza is ready to go.

I am hoping to make a few more meals tomorrow and I am currently under budget by nearly $60 for our food this week. With my freezer full of meals I hopeI won't need to spend that extra $60!


  1. yum - could you post the recipe for southwestern rollups? Please ;)

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