Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Dining In!

My cupboards are nearly bare, but my food budget is gone. So I am trying my best to make it through to Monday (our payday). However, I must brag on the family. They have all been such troopers!

My 5th grade son has been very inspirational. The other night (Wednesday) he was so encouraging for us to just have left was my husband. He is my tightwad child. He hates to part with his money and he knows I am trying to stick to a budget of $250 every two weeks.

We did not have enough of any one we had a variety of meals that were pieced together by kids preferences. Spaghetti for the little ones and barbecue chicken for the olders. Side dishes were varied. I was really surprised that my husband was insistent on "making do" He is usually the first to say..."Lets just eat out!"

I have told him that I need him to be strong on this I am proud to say he kept us grounded on staying in to eat something.

Thursdays we eat at the grandparents house and we always have tons of leftovers for Friday. So tonight we will be eating left over beef stew. I have stuff to make Swedish meatballs and a steak and potato dinner this weekend as well. So we should make it through the weekend!

It is so nice when your family members are supportive of your goals. We could have ate out. We do technically have money to do so. But I told my husband last month that I need him to really inspire me to stick to the budget of food and eating out. When he caves...I easily cave! I think he got the message and he was totally inspiring and encouraging on finding something for us to eat that night when I was so tempted to eat out!

So my message supportive of one helps!

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  1. wow! sounds awesome that your family is so understanding and willing to "make do." You don't see that very often.

    How did the weekend go? Did you make it through today?