Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I mentioned that I would talk more detailed about our kids allowances. We are big believers in giving kids money. I would much rather they learn mistakes with money now...when it is a small amount. Than to learn it later with much larger amounts.

If you are not giving your kids allowances...then I say consider it:) Use it as a teaching tool. When we first began this (nearly 4 years ago) it was hard for my husband to watch our kids burn through their allowance. To blow 10 bucks on junky pokemon cards. Or to waste it on buying some cheapo toy. I am not kidding when I say I had to hold him back from going ballistic a time or two when they made such decisions or worst....lost their money! But now he sees that I was right on this. That letting them make mistakes is hard...but a necessary step to lead to learning!

First, I will explain our rules about allowances. We pay for virtually nothing for our children. Not even gifts for their friends birthdays. We buy no movie tickets, to trips to Kings Island, no small church events...nothing..nada...zilcho! We think we are benefiting from this big time! They are responsible for all such expenses. The only exception has been paying for camps...boy scout camp or church camp. However, we do not provide spending money at such events. We buy minimal clothing...not their wants. Right now, I know some need shoes...I will pay for those...but one thinks he needs new shirts and I disagree. So if he wants them..he can pay for them. He has requested a pair of black jeans. He has none, so I may pay for those. We have encouraged them to save %10 always...but this is for unexpected events and they have learned to understand such advice. Still they have made many money mistakes.

Our older son once blew all of his savings on some playstation 2 game. I think he saved for a few months and bought Guitar hero. My husband encouraged him to wait one more he would not wipe out all his money. But he did not heed our advice and he blew all his money. The next day he was invited to the movies and he had no money. It truly hurt to not let him go. I think most parents would have gave in...but this is part of the learning process children need to go through. You see, we have another very important rule NO LOANS. I will admit...I wanted to give it to him...but I knew he needed to learn this now. As we all do!

This was a painful learning experience...but it has truly paid off. My son almost never goes below $10.00 bucks in his wallet. Unless it is a day or two before payday..he won't part with it. He learned from that experience...that is wise to always leave a little something in the wallet:() That is what I want him to learn!

My other son is very much a saver..he hates to have less than $100.00. Sometimes I am disgusted that he has more than I do! Now our two year old has quite a nice stash growing, but we do take money from his stash when he is begging for a toy cause his older brother bought some star wars action figure....etc. Currently our 7 year old has over $40.00 He recently spent $20 on a wii game. We encourage our kids to grab their wallets when we leave the house. The little ones give me theirs to carry..even our 2 yearold. When we return home they put them back in these wooden boxes that they keep special things in. Their uncle carved each of them a beautiful treasure chest box and they keep their money and special items in these boxes in their rooms.

I get that some people think this is absurd,but we have seen the benefits of teaching our children about money. I would much rather we let them make mistakes now with $20 than to grow to be a 20 year old and make mistakes with $1,000's.

I am thinking when our oldest hits 15 we may increase his to $25.00. But force $5.00of it to go to a checking or savings account. For his birthday this summer I would love to kick it off with $100.00. I would ask the grandparents to all contribute to it as well. We want to encourage him to start saving for his first car.

Well, what about you give allowances...did you get one growing you think we are wrong....right??? I love hearing from ya bloggy friends!

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  1. I never thanked you for putting in this in a post. I need to get a consistent game plan going with my two (ages 8 & 4).