Friday, February 19, 2010

Ugh! Kids can reck a budget so easily!

First off..I love my boys dearly, but boy can they put a wrench in one's budget quicker than a squirrel can run up a tree!

My 14 year old lost his retainer. Ugh! We have torn the house and cars upside down trying to find it. No luck. So we called the orthodontist. He has to have new molds made and they want payment up front. So next Monday I will have to pay $250 up front. They will bill our insurance and they may pay all or some, but it will be awhile before we get that money. We warned the boys that we would only pay one time for lost retainers. After that the buck falls to them! Our 11 year old lost his once and hasn't since...that was more than a year I think he learned his lesson. We should get our tax money tomorrow and we get paid on Monday. So after Monday I will post what we are able to do with our return. I do not expect much :(

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