Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Battling Pessimism

I realize achieving a debt free life seems impossible to many. At times, it seems impossible to me as well as my husband. But I simply don't want to hear that it is impossible! I want to be told "You can do this!"

I have a very close relative. She and her husband have lived on modest incomes their whole lives, but they have been very disciplined. The lived below their means, in a small house. Paid it off in less than 10 years. Tithe religiously to their church. They have a nice comfortable savings account. They have no debts. Yet, when I mention this as my goal..she at times can be pessimistic. She does not know my exact situation..but she just has this attitude that there is always something that comes up and takes it away. One can never truly get ahead seems to be her motto.

Despite the fact that they are currently debt free.......she still seems to feel when she gets rid of one thing..something else will come along and take it. Recently her gas bill lowered, but then her electric bill went up. I get what she means by the two steps forward....one step back, but a person like her should be patting themselves on the back. But she is not! I don't get it. She just seems to feel saving money is always a battle.

One one hand...I find her inspiring....on the other hand she makes it seem like life with money will always be a battle. I guess I don't care to hear that right now.

In away, it is personality issue more than anything. You know the saying...is your glass half empty or half full? I prefer to think I am half full.


  1. YOu Can Do It!!!!! Life is definately half full at all times in my opinion... it is what you make of it!!!! Every step in the right direction is a positive, even if every few forward steps there is a back step... look at the long haul, how was it 6 months ago? 90% of the time you will see a definate positive ;) keep your head up - you are doing great & you will get there!

  2. I try so hard to be positive and lately....well not doing so well. We have been hit by everything of late - say 6 months or so. I'm just exhausted and know that I don't think clearly like this. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be better.