Monday, February 15, 2010

Enjoying the family:)

Valentines is a little low key for us. My husband bought me my favorite chick flick movie from a flea market...."You've Got Mail" I so love that movie...thank you honey! I picked up some simple valentine treats for the boys out of my grocery money and we took them to open swim time at the Y. For most of the afternoon we hung out there and simply had some good family time. Our 3rd son is currently taking swimming lessons at the Y so he was anxious to show us his stuff.

This is the first class or outside activity (other than church and homeschool coop) that our 3rd son has ever participated in. He truly needed peer pressure to learn to swim. He just will not let us teach us and he is 7. So I feel this is truly a necessary activity for safety reasons. Our older sons often go to free swim with their friends. Being members has really benefited us in those ways. There is simply not much to do around our small town in the hills of WV. But it was nice to treck out through the snow and go swimming.

To top of the evening....I made our favorite Chinese dish of sweet & sour chicken. Then my husband and I began working on ebay stuff. We have quite a few things to sell. I have some books that I would like to post on but I honestly am not sure how it works and the rules. Would love to figure the ins and outs from an outside source. Any ideas???

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