Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recharging my spirits

I think when people get on this trip of becoming debt free...we hit hills. By hills I mean we have our ups and downs on the journey. There are days I feel truly gazelle intense and I search the sofas for all the spare change I can find. Then other days I just feel like splurging and getting that extra latte drink.

Balance seems to be the key, but is tricky to hold onto! Things were feeling a little gloomy around here since our taxes were less and now we are likely canceling our vacation plans. When I get down like this I reach for inspiration. Things to keep me going. I love to check out youtube and see if there are anymore debt free screams. (If you are debtfree..make a video...I love to watch them!) I love watching videos of others saying they achieved the impossible. I also find myself surfing the financial blogs more and reading my Dave Ramsey books.

Last night....I popped in the Cash Flow Planning Dave Ramsey DVD that we happen to own. It is the only Dave Ramsey video I have, but I love it :) I would love to see the rest of them. I love his humor and intensity for achieving the lifestyle of "Living like no one else!"

We are not at the point of truly living like no one we can live like no one else. We have cell phones, cable tv, kids in Kung Fu lessons, and even a membership at the Y. Part of me would love to truly crunch the numbers and see how debt free we could be if we got rid of all those things for a short period of say a year to a year and half. Work the extra jobs and really, really, really buckle it all down. Where would we be in a year and half. Would it be worth such a sacrifice? Hmmmmm something to ponder.

I just thought I would share with you some ways I recharge my spirit when it comes to defeating our debt. What about you? What do you do to keep you and your family going?


  1. I agree with you. There are some things I question and ask how would it help us to get rid of them? But, truth be told if we did that we would feel so down and spend that money elsewhere...I just know it. I always feel like we get a raise and it's "spent" before we even get it! Like, my son with pre-school - he missed the cut off and really needed the interaction as well as the extra speech help so instead of going to the school district for $60 we are paying $189 a month at the Y for Pre-School - this to me is necessary. But, an added expense I can't wait to go away in May!

    we have always pondered the extra job but Hubby is so tired when he gets home physically it wouldn't work. The up side is as soon as all this snow melts he can work overtime and get an extra $400+ a week! So, that is what we are holding out on. I hope our tax return is descent so we can kick the debt good and get some much needed encouragement!

  2. I think you are righ on the balance... I think I could kick the debt in a year or two if we would give up everything, but we are selfish & don't want to give up everything!!!!

  3. least you are honest! :)

  4. There has to be some balance. I echo jpkittie when I realize that I could pay down a lot of debt if I gave up a few things, but I choose not to...some for convenience...some for selfishness. We splurged yesterday on a family outing to the city. I add up the numbers and think what I could do with that, but then, the boys and I had a lot of laughs and smiles.