Monday, February 8, 2010


I am married to a big time techy dude. He works and breaths computer lingo. Our house is completely networked...we have over 8 computers all linked to a mainframe in our house. Every television is hooked into our computer system and people are amazed that our 7 year old knows how to flip the computer on and scroll through our files to get our movies up and running on any television.

I, of course, love this! However, he is sometimes very set in his ways about things. New computer programs or operating systems have to be pretty good before he will change to them. Quicken is one of them.

Now first...despite our lack of great work in the financial department of our lives...he is honestly awesome at keeping our accounts square. He loves to balance the checking to the penny and he checks them online daily. He has always used quicken and he does it quite well. I personally stink at it and really fear if he should ever die on me....I would be totally lost at keeping it straight.

Well, to my point! I realized as we were doing our bills last night that we have been using the same quicken for it least the past 8 years. So I asked him what version of quicken we is 98. I have a feeling that is quite old. I have a feeling a lot of changes have likely happened...perhaps some good ones! Ones that might make quicken more user friendly to myself! So, do any of you out there use quicken? If so, are you on a newer version than us....can you compare them????

Now, don't bother trying to convince me to switch away from quicken...I seriously doubt I could persuade him to leave it:) But I am thinking he might consider an upgrade. What do you think?


  1. I have 2008 and yes, there have been a lot of improvements. Especially for investments and graphs and reports.

  2. Especially if you want to be able to import your data from the bank directly into Quicken. You have to have the latest version to do this.
    It's a breeze to keep up with the checking and savings accounts when you can import your data.