Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow much fun!

Our afternoon would have been spent at our local homeschool coop, however, snow came our way and it was canceled. Our afternoon was free to tackle a project so I chose to get started on our homemade valentine cards. I searched the web and found a few ideas I liked and we went with it!

I went grocery shopping Monday night and picked up (out of my grocery money) $3.00 worth of gum and made these cute little guys with my kiddos.

Ours were a little different. I have a cricut machine so I had it cut out 100 hearts and 100 question marks. I taped the gum together with the question marks sticking out of the top...as antenna. This is cheaper than the suggested purchase of twizzler candy. You could use pipe cleaner if you had that, but I did not :( I then just taped my hearts on and my kids drew smiley faces on the gum. We were given some stickers from my mom so those were used as well, but cost me nothing. So for the price of gum $3.00 we made 50 valentines. We are attending a homeschool valentine party this Friday and there will be a lot of kiddos there!


  1. How adorable!!! You are so good. I'll be up all night finishing ours tonight. :)

    And no...I wasn't so frugal. I just HAD to HAVE a new set of stamps for the idea that's been floating around in my mind for a month. LOL

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