Friday, February 26, 2010

Selling Our Stroller

We have a very nice Jeep Wrangler stroller that we purchased for our last son. He was the only baby in it so it is in very good shape. Plus, I hardly ever used it! Retail for this stroller ranges between $120-$159. I know these sell very well even used. We have decided to sell ours. Our 4th son is a ball of energy and does not like to be the "baby." He is all about being like his big brothers. He is not even 3 yet, but has been totally potty trained for about 2 months. He did this all on his own! Best potty trained baby I have had :)

We are definitely done with having babies (hubby took care of that one!) So, even though he is not quite 3 we think we are done with this stroller. Just the other day we went for a walk around our block and he refused to sit in the stroller. He made it too! I thought for sure he would beg me to carry him half way..but he did not. So I truly think we will not miss it. We still have a much easier to haul around umbrella stroller. I imagine that is the only thing I would want to take anywhere anyway.

Well, I am not sure what I should sell it for...I am think $60.00 would work and that I should post it on craigslist. It has all the bells and whistles..even a speaker system for an ipod. Again, I never even used that feature:) Two drink holders, plus a snack tray for the kid and toys to strap on. It is a pretty sweet stroller. Especially when compared to the one my other three kids were hauled around in. Whatever it sells for, the money will go to our next CC payment! Yeahooo!

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