Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost done with Scouts!

I love the benefits cub scouts and boys scouts give boys. For the past 7 years my husband and I both have been very involved with a local cub scout pack. Our second son crosses over tomorrow into Boy Scouts. This event takes place at a big event known as Blue & Gold. For many reasons (to many to go into) we are not enrolling our 3rd son in scouting. So this will be our last event as leaders. As much as I have enjoyed it..I am really burned out on it!

As the saying goes for it does for scouting.....10% of people do 90% of the work. I have been working all week on the table decorations and place settings for 35 people. Each den is responsible for setting the table for their den members. In our case, it is not just our den members and their families, but the boy scout troop they are joining. I have had to spend some money out of our pocket for this event. But I have worked hard to keep my costs way down. I even found free printable place cards online. I used my printer to make most of our table decorations. I had to buy some Styrofoam, snack cups (to hold mints/nuts), and we bought a large piece of wood to make plaques to hold career arrows. It looks like we spent around $40.00 on this event. We bought our dinner tickets over a month ago. So I am not counting that. Part of me hates being the one doing all the spending, but I am so ready to just be done with it. It least this is the last of it :) My husband did not want me to spend money out of my designated amount for our food/clothing we took this money out of our slush fund. Still, I want to hold tight to as much money as possible to hit or credit card next month.

Oh well, no point ranting..tomorrow it will be overwith...the pressure of being den leaders will finally be lifted. If you have a child in any program and you are not in charge or running it. Please know that the work the other parents put into the program is alot! Show them you appreciate it..they will like hearing it:)

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