Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taxes filed

Our taxes were completed and efiled. But the news is depressing. We will not be getting back as much as we had hoped. This will mean a lot of changes in our goals. Payday is this coming Monday. I am hoping my husband and I can sit and crunch some numbers, write up some budget goals and see what we will be able to achieve. It does not look like it will be enough to pay off our credit card like we had hoped. This is going to make for a tight year and we are going to have to crunch some numbers, sell some goods, pray for overtime and bonuses to come through.

On the upside....we close on our refinance tomorrow (if the blizzard heading our way does not interfere with the lawyer making it to our house!) Our interest rates lowered and we will be looking at a smaller mortgage payment and a smaller amount of time. We will also get one month with no mortgage payment. So that will help in some ways on our savings and payment goals. I also have been having no trouble sticking to our food and personal budgets. Feeling in control of something feels good. With sticking to our personal budgets, selling a few things on ebay, having a yardsale, and one month off from a mortgage payment....who knows perhaps our goals will be achievable.

I just really hope we can find time to sit and do this.....put the budget to paper kind of time. That is always such a struggle. By the time the kiddos are in bed and it is peaceful enough in our home to discuss such issues..I am too wiped out to do it! Well...keep watching and hopefully we will be posting soon some concrete goals and budgets :)

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  1. one goal at a time & you will get to where you want to be. you can do it - you have been doing a great job so far on your finances, just have to take it one step at a time... good luck -