Friday, March 5, 2010

Only a week into March

and I already blew one of the goals! Well, it was still a good buy though. We were offered 1/4 of a cow for $125. The cow was a Black Angus Cow and from a local farmer that my brother-law knows. We split the cow with some family members and dished out $125. So I doubt I will be sticking to my goal of only $500 this month on food:) I guess it is slightly possible....but that means I would have to spend only $250 for the next few weeks of March. I guess we will see :)

D's mother gave us some pork perhaps I could stay under since I will need no hamburger, roast, pork, sausage, type meats. I have a whole stack of chicken that I just bought. So I guess...I may still possibly meet this challenge???? Only time will tell!

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