Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Savings is up!

I updated my side bars..nice to see the car debts going down. One is now below 16,000 and one is below 10,000. Over all debt is now under $39,000. Nothing big, but small victories are nice to point out!

Our bill is not due yet for our credit card so we have just been pushing money into our savings account.

Today we are at $1,853.00 We go back and forth on what we will do. My husband is still hoping for a good bonus. The most he can get after taxes is about $1,500.00. His review for this is in about 2-3 weeks. After the review he will know the amount, but it takes another 6 weeks before we see it in a paycheck. In the meantime, he just wants to pile the money into savings. I guess he likes the thought of hitting the card with a giant payment at once. I guess it does not matter. Yes, we are paying some interest out, but not much and at the rate we are saving it may only be a few months before we can knock the whole debt out.

I am hoping when our credit card bill comes he will change his mind and slam any money we have over $1,000.00 onto the credit card. I guess we will see!


  1. wahoo for under 39k!!! that is great :) keep it up

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